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ALINDA COFFEE (For loosing weight)

8,000 OMR

Arabica 100%, no sugar, instant coffee mix, trans fat

BAOM Lip Mask

2,000 OMR13 grams

Gives a gentle and moist texture.

Soften the lips.

Protects the delicate lip muscles.

Gives smooth exquisite, tender & moisture, soften cutin.

BENNETT Vitamin C & E Soap

3,200 OMR

Protects the skin from acne & blemishes.

Makes the skin look flawless.

Makes the skin smoother.

Nourishes the face.

BENNETT VItamin E Soap

3,200 OMR

Preventing the appearance of age spots & freckles.

Maintaining the skin’s oil balance during the cleansing process.

Moisturizing the skin.

BIO Multi C Mix Orange

8,000 OMR

Helps combat acne and blemishes, promoting a clearer complexion.

Brightens and rejuvenate skin, leaving it plump and radiant.

Strengthen your body immunity, protecting from illnesses and boosting your overall health.

Dark spot reduction revealing a more even and luminous skin tone.

Prevent premature aging and promoting a youthful appearance..


7,400 OMR

Reduce wrinkles & fine lines.

Reduce anti-aging.

Boosts collagen.


Catherine Tea

5,000 OMR3 grams

Improve bowel movements.


Loses weight.


9,400 OMR

Boost antioxidant levels & protect cells from free radicals.

Lower blood pressure & reduce heart disease risk.

Improves iron absorption & prevent anemia.

Boost immunity & fight common cold.

Protects your memory.

Protects body from chemical toxins.


8,600 OMR100mL

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Freshen the face.

Ageless and youthful look.

Chamoke Hair Tonic BIO PLUS

9,000 OMR

Stimulates hair follicle.

Reduces hair loss.

Encourages new hair growth.

Awaken hair follicles.


CherSher Perfect Whitening. Gold (FOR WOMEN SKIN)

11,500 OMR

Natural extracts.

Protect skin from dullness.

Bright and health skin.

Free from irritants.